Relax and Enjoy Lake Chalet for a Day

Lake Chalet Motel is a great place to getaway for a day!

Avoid the large crowds at the public beaches and parks and find some quiet time with the family at Lake Chalet.

Day Use Rates

Public Day use rates for swimming, fishing, and picnicking
Per Person $5.00
Car Load (Max 6 persons) $20.00
Children 3 and under FREE
Canoe, Kayaks, Paddle Boats $5.00/Half Hour


Park/Beach Hours – 11:00 AM-7:00 PM
(Swimming Waiver)
Prices Change on SPECIAL weekends or events
Special group rates for over 25 people
See Rules for Day Visitors below

Rules for Day Visitors

Rules For Day Visitors

  • Speed limit – 5.5 MPH
  • Swimming rules as posted by lake
  • Lifeguard instructions MUST be followed
  • No diving anywhere
  • Pets are NOT allowed on beach or in lake
  • Parents or guardians are responsible for the behavior, safety and care of their children at all times
  • Please leave the bathrooms neat and orderly after use
  • Intoxication, profanity or obscenity NOT allowed
  • Do not cross occupied campsites
  • Do not move fireplaces
  • No large fires
  • Do not break trees, shrubs, or tables
  • Anyone damaging property will be prosecuted
  • Please let us know if you find anything out of order
  • Leave the place clean, as you would like to find it
  • Any person(s) disobeying rules will be required to leave without a refund
  • All who wish to swim must sign a waiver – Swimming Waiver

Fishing Rules

  • All fishing is catch and release
  • Net fishing is not permitted
  • One pole per person